I went to a medical hair specialist about a year ago to try to discover if there was a way to regain some thickness to my hair. I am 54, and the glorious locks of my youth have become thin and frail. I was hoping the doctor would recommend some simple hair implantation that would restore the look of thick youthful hair (without a receding hair line).

No such luck. Apparently my hair is in too good a shape for surgical intervention. But he recommended that I try monoxidil 5% (the kind made for men). He emphasized that the foaming formula is a superior product to the other formulations. I bought the foaming minoxidil 5% and tried it. It took about three months to see a difference, but I did indeed see an improvement in my hairline and the thickness of my hair. My hair colorist definitely noticed an improvement as well.

I continue to use 5% minoxidil daily to maintain the improved look and I cleanse my hair every few days with a conditioning hair cleanser. My hair looks pretty darned good! However, I use the liquid formulation of the minoxidil now – as it leaves far less residue on my scalp and is less disruptive of my hair style on a given day than the foaming kind. The improvement is mild to medium – my hair is not back to the look I had when I was in my thirties and younger. But it is noticeably better than it was before I used the minoxidil. The minoxidil 5% solution worked for me. If you are considering giving this a try, as I did, please consult with a doctor to ensure that it is safe and right for you.
Until next time, stay Healthy and Beautiful

Nikki Z.


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