For the best hair, make sure your scalp is healthy.

A healthy scalp is a big deal when it comes to the look and texture of your hair. Hairs spend about two weeks bathed in the tissue of the scalp before they break out into the world. If your scalp is not healthy, your hair will already be compromised. Then brushing, washing and processing – especially with heat and friction, begin to degrade it further. Some conditioners can help fill in the gaps of damaged hair with specific proteins and fibers, and can replenish moisture with humectants, and gloss with specific oils, but giving hair the chance to be as healthy as possible from the beginning is the greatest advantage you can give your hair.

How do you take care of your scalp? Use a gentle cleanser for your hair. There really is no reason to use foaming shampoos that have detergents. It’s too much for hair and scalp. Try a conditioning hair cleanser for a few weeks. You will notice a significant difference in the feel of your scalp. It will feel soothed, not irritated. There are many conditioning hair cleansers on the market today.  Try one that has proven safe ingredients.

Some men have flakey hair from dry scalp and believe they have dandruff – yet no dandruff shampoo works for them. This is a sign of an unhealthy scalp. Using a gentle, moisturizing, hair cleanser will often eradicate dry scalp, which means no more flakes and fuller hair with more body. Take great care of your hair beginning with great care of your scalp!

Stay healthy and beautiful, Nikki Z


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