To Immediately Improve the Way You Look (and feel!) Change Your State-of-Mind

THE MOST most important beauty tool is attitude. Call it a positive state-of-mind, or joyful outlook on life, it beats beautiful skin, hair, gorgeous eyes, long eyelashes and a great body in its impact. An unhappy or angry internal state shows on your entire being. There really is no faking. Every bit of your physiology is negatively affected: shoulders slump, posture and facial muscles sag, eyes cast down, lips void of smile, eyes void of smile contractions – these are just a smidgeon of ways your body presents your state-of-mind.

To immediately improve the way you look (and feel!) change your state-of-mind. How? Act “as if” you were happy and care free. Interestingly, acting and moving “as if” you feel great, actually creates the positive feelings we are pretending to have. Physiology can truly create psychology. Regardless of you initial mood, act “as if: you have love in your heart, compassion for every living being and gratitude for all that is yours. You will be amazed at how quickly you feel these good feelings and the resultant postures will come naturally.

As I am in the second half of my life, I INSIST on controlling my thoughts – resisting negative thoughts such as resentment, envy, anger and fear and directing my attention towards what I am grateful for, like the beauty and joy of life for life’s sake, the grandeur of nature, the brilliance of a specific artist, author, or gymnast, the quiet moment of sitting silently with my little son. You get the point. We have 100% control of our thoughts and thought patterns. Directing our thoughts toward the positive, brings about the positive feelings and vastly improves your life.

A wonderful byproduct of this mental discipline is that you look fabulous. Your whole demeanor and presence are positive and attractive. Give this a try for just one week and see what kind of results you get. A week of continuous re-setting your thoughts to positive ones, means when you slip into negative thoughts, catch yourself (do not berate yourself!) and gently move your thoughts towards gratitude and positivity. You will be amazed at the impact on your entire life and on your overall looks.

If you would like to explore this further, check out “The Seven Day Mental Diet” by Emmet Fox:



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