Looking Younger: Facial Contrast Changes Perception

Clinical studies have concluded that women whose faces have high contrast are perceived as younger. High contrast is when facial features have bold delineations and color distinctions as compared to the surrounding skin. Contrast decreases with age so it is natural that the perception of youth increases with artificial contrast created with make up. Conversely, the perception of youth decreases when the color and distinctions among facial features are weak.

For this reason, I prefer to use make up to significantly delineate eyes and lips as well as fill-in lips with color. I clearly define and fill in eyebrows, and create significant contour of the face (consisting of darker shades for areas to recede and lighter shades for areas to highlight.) Enhanced eyelashes also add to youthfulness as they open and widen the look of eyes. So, I use eyelash extensions.

The face below was artificially enhanced with increased contrast on the left, and left natural on the right. See for yourself which side looks older and which younger.


Following are two before and after photos of mature women whose “before” shows them natural – with no make up, and the after with make up creating significant contrast.

blogpic10-25-16bKnowledge is beautiful.


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