You Must “Just Do It”

“Just do it” – the motto coined by Nike is great advice. We all know we should work out. We know we would be healthier, look better and have more energy. So why don’t we do it? Here are some of the crappiest reasons I have ever heard. They are also the most common. Do you recognize any of these?

I don’t have the time

I don’t know what to do or how to do it

The gym is too intimidating

I need to shower after every workout – it takes too long

I know I should but I just haven’t gone

I have bursitis, arthritis, fibro myalgia or any of a host of ailments

My doctor told me I need to take it easy

I am pregnant

I don’t enjoy exercise like you do.

Well, I don’t have the time either, nor does almost everyone else who schedules fitness into their day. They simply make it a priority for themselves. Their sense of self includes being fit which makes it imperative that they work out. I do not accept anything less.

There are so many resources out in the world to help you gain an adequate understanding how to work out – at least at a minimum. There is free, good, information online, and there are dozens of books and videos available for beginners.

Nobody gives a darn what you look like at the gym. Everyone who is there is just as self-conscious as you are. Even the ones who look like fitness models – those men and women devote so much of their time and lives to exercise, they are probably limited in their knowledge and experience outside of the gym.

You don’t need to shower after every workout. This is simply bull. 90 % of people don’t smell from a good clean workout – especially if they use powder and deodorant. It is perfectly fine and healthy to wait until you go home several hours later. That is a bad excuse. And it is an excuse.

Nobody understands just how important health is until it is taken away from them. People who become chronically sick say they would give anything to be healthy again. Do it now, before you become sick, before your bones shrink and become brittle, before your joints become stiff and painful.

Overwhelming evidence suggests that exercise improves the symptoms of bursitis, arthritis, fibro myalgia etc. You need to go gently through the pain – but you need to move through the pain in order to eradicate the pain.

If your doctor tells you need to take it easy and not exercise, you need a new doctor. Advising against exercise is like saying “don’t eat any vegetables.”

Pregnancy thrives with exercise. You may need to moderate it slightly, but it is better for you than not exercising. It is a myth that a woman can’t lift moderately heavy things while pregnant – only in extreme circumstances is this a problem. Most of us do not fall into that category.

Nobody loves to exercise. I would prefer if I could get fit by eating a candy bar, or going to a cocktail party. That just isn’t going to happen so those of us who make fitness part of our identity, do it anyway. Most of us don’t really like the hard work, but love the results. Don’t be fooled into thinking there are the exercise lovers and then there is you – someone who is allergic to the gym.

Now that we have dispelled these bad excuses, let’s move on to how to get yourself gorgeous, fit and healthy.


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