Fitness is Bliss

Training with weights builds and strengthens muscle. Training with weights strategically sculpts your body. We all have ideas in our minds how we would like to reshape our bodies to conform to some standard we have in our minds. For me, when I was very young, it was Barbie – a slightly unrealistic ideal.

For instance, for those of us who have pear-shaped bodies, we usually want to balance our bodies by slimming our hips and butt, and increasing size in our shoulders. That helps create symmetry. For those of us who have rounder bellies and thinner legs, we want to shrink our bellies, bring our waist into an hourglass shape, and perhaps add some shapely muscle mass to our thighs. If you have skinny calves, you may want to increase the size of your calf with specific strength training exercises for this area.  All of these reshaping attempts are called body sculpting, and it can be a powerful ally in helping us look and feel more beautiful.

If we want to trim some extra body fat, we can add walking, jogging, jumping rope, swimming, dancing, tennis (singles), bicycling, stair climbing, elliptical exercises, or rowing machine. Those are all exercises we do at a sustained level for an extended period of time. Walking for ½ hour is a good start, working up to an hour, then add jogging. The above exercises, work our cardio-vascular systems (strengthens the heart and blood circulatory system) and are key for your overall health. They also burn body fat – helping you to lose weight, quickly.

We don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get and look fit and fabulous. That is a myth from the ‘80’s. I wrote a book describing in detail my personal 12-minute full body workout. It works, and can truly be completed in 12 minutes. There are other sources of good information for quick and effective weight training exercises for body sculpting and general fitness. There is no lack of information stopping you. Adding the cardio-vascular exercises, at least ½ hour three times a week, you will steadily lose weight and reshape and tone your entire body.

I will describe my 12 minute workout next.



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