Dream, Believe, Achieve, and be Gorgeous

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be pretty. I was under the mistaken impression that if I was beautiful, I would never have any problems, or ever be lonely. Obviously, I was wrong about that. My desire to be pretty was so great – that it was really something I HAD to do. I am convinced that my obsessive desire made it happen for me. I believe intense desire for anything, combined with action toward achieving that desire, will make that desire come true.

I confess, I still have high standards of my appearance that must be met. So, I prepare for my day as though I am trying to be the best looking person around. While I am certainly not always best, I have that secret goal in the back of my mind which gives me the internal edge to make it happen. I purposely don’t allow the fact that I often fall short of best upset me or make me feel diminished.  I separate my value as a person from my looks. I also do not judge others on their looks – whether or not they are attractive.

As with any endeavor, true creativity and artistry are necessary in looking beautiful. I have carefully, methodically, designed a skin care routine to maximize the look and health of my skin. I have done similarly, with my hair and physique. As well as practiced and perfected application of make-up to create a beautiful appearance. I formulated skin and hair care products for myself that perform the functions I specifically need to look my best – which, for me, includes looking more youthful.

Because of my background as a cosmetic chemist and artist, I know the difference between hype and what creates real results. I want results: skin care that will smooth my skin and keep it moist and luminous, hair care that adds body and shine and keeps my hair scrupulously healthy, and make-up that makes my best features bigger-than-life and minimizes my worst. I am constantly researching trade journals to find cutting edge agents that work to keep me younger looking and trying tons of  products that I intuitively think may have a positive effect to give my looks an advantage.

This website is dedicated to sharing with you my special insights, applications and science of beauty. My list of anti-aging agents on my skin care page was a result of my effort. My 12-minute workout routine in my book and that I write about on my fitness page is also a result of that effort. My bare-minimum make-routine is too.  And I have so much more.

But, I cannot stress enough the importance of our mindset and attitude toward anything in life that we wish to accomplish. First, we need to know exactly what we want to accomplish and why we want to accomplish it. When it becomes a “MUST” for us, we will find a way to make it happen. Ninety percent of our successes are a result of our states-of-mind and resolve. The rest is in action toward accomplishing them. Dream big, educate yourself, and work hard. Anything you want is yours.



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