Increase Exercise Pre-Holiday

The Holidays are officially here – and so are an extra ten pounds on my stomach and hips. This time of year I find it nearly impossible to avoid eating sweets. I am eating sugary everything – cookies, candy, desserts. Even sugary, creamy coffee (I usually drink it black). Even though I get caught in the cycle of eating then craving sugar, then eating more and craving more, almost every year, I still find it a distressing byproduct of holiday cheer.

The fear of gaining so much weight that none of my clothes will fit is less worrisome than the mood swings and sleepiness the additional sugar bring on. Sugar truly is poison – and as addictive as alcohol or cocaine. It is nasty unhealthy stuff disguised as a harmless jellyroll.

One way I alleviate some of the distress of this bad habit during the holidays is to begin stepping up my exercise routine around the first week of December. Specifically, I increase my weight bearing exercise to gain additional muscle on my body. More muscle I increases our metabolism – so by having more muscle, I burn more calories just sleeping.

Also, I find that getting a head start on regular exercise before the new year,naturally helps me want to continue positive change in the new year. It is like creating a new and healthy cycle.

Finally, exercise improves my mood and reduces stress. These benefits really are huge for me this time of year.  This strategy has helped me get through the holidays without losing my mind – or gaining (too much) weight.



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