Silicone Makeup Blenders

Just as I was getting used to the spongy uniquely shaped Beauty Blenders, I havSilicone Makeup Blendere found something infinitely better – Silicone beauty blenders (or makeup sponge). They blend foundation and skin care products onto my face incredibly smoothly! Since the silicone is non-absorbent, none of my foundation makeup or skin care creams and serums are wasted. That is a very good thing because high quality makeup and skin care products are expensive!

Plus, the quality of the application is so much better using the silicone blender. Foundation goes on evenly with no streaking and because the creams and serums go on evenly, the effects of the active ingredients are also smooth and even achieving better anti-aging and skin-nourishing results.

For the best foundation finish, I stipple or gently press the makeup onto my skin. This makes for a smooth, clean and flawless finish.

I highly recommend passing by the old makeup sponges and beauty blenders and go for the Silicone Makeup Blenders. Here is where I get mine:

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