Why Do We Really Wear Makeup?

Why do women wear makeup? We don’t want to look made-up, just better. Our goal is to correct and enhance the looks we were born with. Being a good artist is a huge benefit. A highly skilled makeup artist can accomplish remarkable improvements on everybody. Homely women become attractive; plain women become pretty, and pretty women become gorgeous.

Sure, genetics plays a part in how we look. But we can artistically and strategically draw, shade, enhance and color our faces to become much more beautiful. The key is to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

We employ makeup to help our skin look as smooth and even as possible, our eyes to look larger and wider apart, our eyebrows to be arched and symmetrical, our noses to look small and pert, and our lips to be medium to full. The height of the middle of the top lip should be the same, or slightly smaller, than the height of the middle of the lower lip. We want our jawlines and chins to be strong and chiseled. We want to minimize the look of jowls and a “double” chin.

We also use colors that are flattering and enhance our features. General we use color on our lips, eyes and cheeks. Around our eyes, we use colors that enhance the color of our eyes. On our lips, we use colors that will enhance and brighten our complexion as well as our teeth. On our cheeks, we use blush to give us the healthy look of rosy cheeks in a color that is most flattering to our complexion.

Combining all these skills to make each feature on your face the best it can be is how we improve our entire look, dramatically. My next entry is going to describe how to enhance your eyes to make them look bigger and wider apart.



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