Effects of Sugar on Beauty

Image result for sugarI didn’t realize how negative of an effect sugar had on my looks until I gave it up (mostly), after Easter. I didn’t think I looked “bad,” but after a week of eating much more healthful foods – and not eating sugary things, I look a whole lot better. My skin is smoother and my eyes brighter and less puffy.

It is no secret that sugar is flat-out bad for us. It’s negative effects are legion. Now I can add that it diminishes our looks too. I did some research on the effects of sugar specifically on looks, and found that it does indeed break down the collagen in our skin which adds to sagging. It is dehydrating, which causes more sagging and wrinkling, and at the same time causes water retention, thus, my puffy eyes.

So here is one more reason to cut out sugar from our diets – or at least significantly lower consumption of it.


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