I use eye make-up to enhance the size and shape of my eyes. Large, wide eyes are universally considered beautiful. By applying a natural brown or black liner/pencil on the outside halves of my eyelash lines (See B – I have drawn these figures with only one side “made up” to show the difference between the made up and non-made up side) and drawing the lines out and up I give the illusion of larger and wider eyes.  This works like magic. I do not have naturally large or wide-set eyes, but for the past several decades, I have fooled everyone. It’s make-up.

I used to use layers of black mascara after applying the eye pencil.  Fanning thick eyelashes really open the eyes (see C). But now I indulge in having eyelash extensions attached every three weeks. I absolutely love the look and get tons of compliments on my eyes. If you have the time and money, I recommend getting eyelash extensions. They are a huge beauty bang-for-the-buck.

To add an additional sparkle and clarity to eyes for special occasions, use Visine or a similar product, in your eyes. This gets rid of redness and make eyes “pop.”


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