Honor and Kindness Matters

I live in a town where everyone wants to look like a movie star. And there are a lot of beautiful people, who drive beautiful cars, and live in oversized houses. One would think they would be the happiest people in the world.

Yet I am so often amazed at their behavior. Honking long and loudly to let people know they are coming through and you better not get in their way because their time is more valuable than anyone yours. Taking advantage of people who work at their homes by not paying them as promised, or treating them as if it is a high privilege to work for them. All the while rolling out the red carpet at the local theater for celebrities and giving their discretionary income to the causes popular to the rich and famous, while stiffing their domestic employees.

It’s disgusting. But more importantly, from the perspective of this blog, people who engage in such behavior are ugly.  There is a hardness about them. A narrowness in their eyes and stiffness to their shoulders and torso that is repulsive.  I think it’s the newness of their money that creates this ignorant and awkward behavior that shows in their entire demeanor.

No amount of designer clothes or shoes can adequately wrap-up a package that is internally flawed and conflicted. I don’t understand why people with new money (which is 95% if the people here) don’t do a little research to discover that true elegance and grace comes with understanding that, along with money, whether new or old, comes the obligation to behave with kindness, honor and generosity to all.

That is the signature of real wealth. And in behaving that way, a person can be comfortable in her own skin and exude confidence and grace. Now THAT is true beauty.


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