Fewer Ingredients Make Better Products

More isn’t better – especially when it comes to hair and skin cleansers and conditioners.

The ingredient lists of most cleansers and conditioners are long – with dozens of INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names.  Most of these ingredients are probably benign. And they are usually inactive ingredients that add to the pleasurable feel and texture of the product for customers, such as, emulsifiers, thickeners, surfactants, solubilizers, and surfactant systems.

But these extra ingredients add absolutely nothing as far as therapeutic properties for skin and hair, and the more ingredients used in a product, the greater the risk of toxicity and allergens.

I use, and recommend all my friends and clients use, much simpler formulations – so we KNOW what is going on our skin and scalp. I look for products with no more than nine ingredients. These simpler formulations do not undermine themselves with agents possibly working at cross purposes to one another. I have found products containing only essential ingredients are superior and cleaner. The actives work exactly as they are meant to, with no intrusion or confusion from too many competing ingredients.

It is not easy to find products with concise lists of ingredients, but they are worth searching for.

The ones I like are Cleure, and VirginMax, Channel even has a line of 10 and under ingredients called “La Solution 10”, S.W. Basics has a line touted for its low number of ingredients. If you know of others that you have tried and recommend, please share them with us.


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