Try Everything

Looks aren’t the most important thing in the world. But if you are like me and want to look the best you possibly can most of the time, you are willing to try just about everything to maximize the appearance of your hair, skin, facial features and figure.

I use a real constellation of products and procedures (some I do myself) to keep looking pretty. One product or procedure may not make an enormous difference, but combined with the others, there can be a huge improvement in your overall gorgeous look.

Since I turned fifty, I am not timid about trying anything at least once. Here are just a few things I do or use to improve my overall look:

1. Use minoxidil 5% on my scalp every day to improve hair thickness and minimize thin patches.

2.  Have eyelash extensions put on every three weeks

3.  Use Retin A; estrogen cream, peptides and vitamin c cream/serum daily and nightly

4.  Micro-needle once every six months (rolling a device of  hundreds of 1 mm micro needles over my face in several different directions to strengthen skin and deeply exfoliate.

5.  Botox treatments to keep frown lines off my face (so I look as happy as I feel).

6.  Use fillers sparingly, to improve the shape of my lips.

7.  Always sleep on my back.

8.  Have my eyebrows professionally waxed and shaped, including trimmed.

9.  Wash hair only two times a week at most. Using mostly sulfate-free cleansers.

10. Deep condition hair once every ten days or so with conditioner with keratin and panthenol.

Sounds like a lot. Well it is. However, I think the effort is worth it. I love looking as pretty as I can. This actually is only a partial list of what I do to keep things up.

Good regularly-practiced beauty routines are very effective.  And doing several tried-and-true ones works wonders.


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