Effective Hair Conditioners

For dry and damaged hair, it is imperative that you use a conditioner every time you clean your hair. Better, yet, use a conditioning hair cleanser four out of every five times you clean hair. On the fifth, you can use a traditional foaming shampoo to remove any build-up of conditioners.

For fine to medium hair, which is what I have, I look for conditioners and conditioning cleansers with hydrolyzed keratin in the ingredients, as well as polyquaternium.  Hair is made of keratin, and so this ingredient helps to temporarily reinforce the protein in the cortex of your hair and it also works as a filler to smooth out chipped hair cuticles (the outermost layer of hair that is responsible for shine, protection and smoothness – or the lack of, if damaged). The polyquaternium are cationic (positively charged) polymers that can “glue” broken or split ends (which have a negative charge) together to form a temporary bond – preventing further damage, and providing a temporary improvement in the look of damaged hair.

Look for Conditioning Hair Cleansers and Conditioners with these two ingredients to provide substantive reinforcement, body and shine to your hair.


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