Leg Make-Up? Yes!

I confess – I use leg make up! I started just this summer. Since I have put on a little weight these past few months, I don’t think the skin on my legs looks as smooth as I would like. I tried using self-tanners. They looked good the first day after using them. But then, the color would settle into unflattering places on my skin, and I felt I looked worse than with bare legs.

When it is hot, I have to wear shorts or a skort to keep cool. So covering my legs with clothes on hot days is really not an option. So, I broke down and tried Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs make-up. It works! It definitely improves the appearance of the skin on my legs – so my legs look better in shorts!

I was afraid that the make-up would smear and rub-off easily on my clothes, but that is not the case. It is very water resistant. In fact, the only way I could get it off was to use soap and water in the shower. Just rinsing with water will not remove the make-up.

Bottom line: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs leg make-up works well to improve the looks of legs, and stays on remarkably well.


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