Simple Cleansing Routine – Excellent Benefits

Every evening, and most mornings, I gently scrub my face with a clean, old-fashioned washcloth. In the evenings, I use an emollient, sulfate-free cleanser, like Cera-Ve, along with the wash cloth. With a small amount of pressure, I use circular motions around my face to gently cleanse.
This accomplishes two things: 1. It cleans the impurities, debris and pollution from my face and 2. The light circular scrubbing gently exfoliates my facial skin, and stimulates the epidermis to make it stronger and thicker. Thicker skin looks fuller and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.
This has been my routine for years – decades, and it has been very effective. My skin stays clean and full due to the stimulation of the washcloth.
In the mornings, I don’t use any cleanser with the washcloth. I use a clean wet cloth and the remainder of the moisturizer from the night before gets whisked off, and with it, any debris or dust from the night.
It is a simple system. The most effective ones usually are.


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