How I Thicken My Thin Hair

It helps to know hair chemistry so I use the best ingredients that really work on hair.

Before I clean my hair, I put a good amount of pre-wash conditioner on my dry hair – particularly the ends, but I work it all the way up to about two inches from the root

s. This pre-wash conditioner is formulated to thicken and strengthen hair. It has a very simple formula base, and a hefty amount of hydrolyzed keratin (protein) and polyquaternium 7.

Hair is mostly made of keratin protein. Hydrolyzed keratin is broken down into small enough (micronized) pieces to be able to deposit into the hair where hair is porous and damaged – strengthening and plumping the hair shaft.

Polyquaternium is a polymer with a positive charge. Since the hair has a negative charge, especially damaged hair, this polymer is attracted to hair like a magnet. The positive charge gives it staying power, forming a substantive film so your hair becomes plumper.

Anyway, once my hair is covered with the pre-wash conditioner, I cover my dry hair wi

th this conditioner (I use THESCIENCE thickening pre-wash conditioner) and leave it in for about a half an hour. Afterwards, I rinse the roots of my hair, and clean with a sulfate free conditioning hair cleanser – using mostly at the roots. Then, as I rinse, I move the cleanser down to the end and rinse it all out until my hair feels clean and free of excess conditioner.

When I do this, I actually don’t feel like I HAVE to style my hair – it makes my hair feel and look so soft and full of body that au-natural looks great.


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