More Lipsticks than Shoes

I have about thirty different lipstick colors in my make-up drawer. Why? I soul-searched for the answer and discovered that it is for a few reasons.  First, I am on a constant quest for the perfect color for me. I don’t search for the color to match my outfit but one that makes me look prettiest

I am also always on a quest to find the best formulation.  Long lasting lipstick that goes on smoothly, lasts evenly for hours and has a beautiful finish. Or lipstick that goes on buttery-smooth but is regular lipstick – not long-lasting. Or the best lip stain that looks like I am not wearing anything but makes my lips look great. Or lip gloss that can have wonderful vibrant color and various levels of shine, and so often has really fun shimmering lights.

Finally, I just love the visual and tactile pleasure of experiencing different lipstick. Beautiful packaging, fun names, gorgeous colors. Truth be told, lipstick almost always looks better on the display model (go figure) than on me. It still is lots of fun to try them!


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