My Anti-aging Secret: Sleep.

I get lots of sleep. Long night’s sleep. And naps – delicious hour or more daytime naps. I love sleeping – it is one of my favorite “activities”.

Sleep is deeply restorative. It strengthens the immune system. Helps reduce stresses of everyday life – reducing cortisol and muscle and tendon tightness. Looking relaxed and calm – not stressed – creates a healthy, privileged and attractive appearance.

Adequate (or more) sleep helps skin be smoother and more glowing. This is because skin repairs itself during sleep. Our body creates human growth hormone during sleep which stimulates production of the protein, collagen, the skin’s natural support structure.  The more you sleep, the more rejuvenated skin becomes. So when I wake-up, my skin looks smoother, fresh, and almost wrinkle-free.

Also, cortisol, the stress hormone, is released after an poor night’s sleep. Cortisol breaks down collagen making skin sag and wrinkles more prominent. This can be avoided with ample sleep.

My eyes look bright and awake. Lack of sleep can cause blood to pool under eyes, leaving puffy bags there. Plus, the whites of eyes turn red with inadequate sleep. I prefer to keep my eyes bright and puff-free with my lengthy slumbers.

Additionally, when skin cells can robustly repair themselves, your scalp is healthier. This is important for beautiful hair, as hairs are formed in the scalp.  A healthy scalp is truly like having fertile ground to grow hair with good shine and better overall texture.

I confess, I sleep more than most people my age and demographic. Some may consider this laziness. But I feel it protects and strengthens me in many ways, as well as helps me to look the best I possibly can.


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