Avocado Oil and Zinc Oxide SPF Moisturizer

I have openly told my readers that I wear sunscreen every single day – even if its raining. Lately, my sunscreen has been simply avocado oil mixed with zinc oxide micro-particles. I put this on top of my niacinimide, peptide, ceramide (and other lipids) hyaluronic acid serum.

I then protect and nourish my skin with the avocado oil/zinc oxide combination. I strongly prefer simpler products with fewer ingredients. I am such a strong believer that fewer, carefully selected, ingredients are infinitely superior to products with dozens of competing ingredients that I am developing a line of hair and skin care products, that I make for my own beauty routine, based on this “less is more” paradyme.

Once the avocado oil and zinc oxyde combination has had a chance to set on my skin for a few minutes, I take some facial tissue and gently blot the excess oil from my face. This creates a perfect finish – right between matte and glistening.

Zinc Oxide is my sunscreen of choice as it is a natural mineral that blocks the suns rays (rather than chemicals that absorb them). Avocado oil is a perfect moisturizer for super dry skin, has tons of antioxidants and is an overall powerhouse nourisher for the skin.


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