Look Vastly Better – Develop Great Posture

We look a million times better with good posture. We look horrible with bad posture. I know you’ve heard about the importance of good posture so much that this is hardly news. The fact remains; however, that great posture is HUGE if you want to look beautiful. Besides giving your body an overall longer and leaner appearance, great posture creates an aura of majesty.  Nothing has the effect on your looks like the regal effect of great posture.

Dancers often have excellent posture as they have been taught to always carry themselves as if there is a tight string from the base of their spine through the top of their head that pulls their torso and head upwards and in perfect alignment. Also, relax shoulders, and bring shoulder blades together so your chest goes forward. With repetition, dancers’ posture becomes a habit – a way of life. Imagine the string and carry yourself with great posture at all times, every day, so that it becomes  prt of who you are. Here is a web page I found helpful in describing this “dancer’s” posture:


A beautifully made-up face and perfect hairstyle will be utterly LOST on someone with poor posture. We, including myself, spend significant time searching for great make-up, hair style gadgets, skin creams, but often disregard the obvious and most powerful basics of beauty – like great posture.


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