Natural Beauty – Sort Of

I have a friend named Deirdra who is so beautiful –in a natural way. She reminds me of the Ivory Girl (for those of us old enough to remember that advertisement). She told me she uses BeautyCounter products.

In particular, she says she starts with #2 Facial Oil, then applies Countermatch Moisturizer. On top of the moisturizer, once it is absorbed, she applies Dew Skin – which is a tinted sunscreen with SPF 20. Her skin is just glowing. She also confessed to using Glow Shimmer Oil strategically on her cheekbones and forehead.

Not wanting to be outdone, I had to buy these myself. I already like BeautyCounter products, although I find them a little pricey, but I bought the Dew Skin #2 and Glow Shimmer Oil. They really are high quality and very safe. The Dew Skin is amazing. For me it is like a very light foundation, that looks natural and

, makes my skin look, well, dewy! I always wear a sunscreen, so this doubles as that. The Glow Shimmer Oil adds the faintest touch of summer Goddess glow. I love it! And I look almost as great as Deirdra.

For the record, I do not sell BeautyCounter products nor do I have any financial stake in the company or selling the products.BCP


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