Movie Star Hair Growth

hairI love the way my hair looks now! And I am 56 years old. Two and a half years ago I hated my thin, dull hair and thought the glorious hair of my youth was gone forever. But my new regime that I began two and a half years has changed that in a big way. Look how long it is!

Besides Minoxydil 5% solution twice a day, I use a hair/scalp tonic made of Rosemary, Peppermint, Horsetail Oils and Stinging Nettle Extract – once a day. I apply in the middle of the day. It feels wonderfully cooling on my scalp. I can almost feel  my hair growing more quickly.

The ingredients have anecdotal evidence of hair growing abilities – except one: Peppermint oil. There is scientific evidence that Peppermint oil does indeed help hair grow quicker and thicker. In research performed on mice, the mice who received a 3% solution of peppermint oil experienced very rapid hair growth as compared to the control groups.

Additionally, the dermis of the mice who received the peppermint oil solution was significantly thicker than those of their peppermint-less contemporaries. Twice the benefit.

Back to my regime of hair tonic use: I have been extremely happy with the results. My hair is far longer and thicker than it was two and a half years ago – before using this regime. Also, the hair is stronger and smoother than before. You know how Asian’s have that gloriously shiny thick hair? That is what it looks and feels more like.

I won’t be stopping this routine anytime soon.


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