Beautiful Body-Language

I carry myself as though I feel gorgeous. It’s something I trained myself to do over the years. This means, my head is held high, shoulders are back, neck is long, chest is out, and I mimic runway models when I walk.  I learned how to carry myself by studying people whom I consider beautiful. It is a fun practice of mine, but not an obsession.

It is known and clinically proven that acting “as if” goes a long way to making us feel the way we are pretending to feel. It stands to reason that if I want to appear more attractive, mentally “becoming” a person who knows she is gorgeous creates that reality. The resulting body language actually makes me feel prettier.  The prettier I feel, the better-looking I am perceived to be.

Don’t underestimate the power of “faking it until you make it.” It is very effective in achieving your goals.

Have you ever watched a runway model walk? It is an exaggerated swanky walk with each foot landing midline – one in front of the other. Do you think the models performing this strut during a fashion show actually feel fabulous that day and in those clothes? Probably not. First, they are probably hung over. Second, young women, who are judged almost solely on their looks, are very likely to be insecure about their looks.  Also, have you ever seen some of the ridiculous “high fashion” clothes these poor girls are forced to wear?

It is unlikely that they feel beautiful at all. But, they are faking that the runway walk is natural to them, and in so doing, create the illusion of beauty and glamour.

First impressions are always made in the first five seconds of meeting someone. The way we carry ourselves has enormous influence over how beautiful we appear in those first few seconds. More than any feature, moving elegantly creates a global initial perception of glamour and grace. I like to start there.





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