Orange Eye Shadow? Yes!


I am an old-fashioned lady. My makeup is almost never trendy or hip, but classic. My goal with makeup has always been to look lovelier and healthier – which usually entails looking more youthful. So I tend to stick with classic makeup colors, like browns, beiges, oatmeal, ivory, charcoal and sometimes black.

So orange was not on my radar – until now.

I met a consultant at Sephora who prevailed upon me to try this bright and unusual color. I absolutely loved the look, and have continued with it.  Orange really brings out the blue of my eyes.  It is the opposite color from blue on the color-wheel, which means it provides a perfect contrast to blue – thereby intensifying and accentuating the color of blue eyes.

My favorite palettes are Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions, and Morphe James Charles. Both palettes have beautiful, rich pigments with perfect shades ranging from coral, to orange, to golden yellow. They also combine ample matte shades with some really special shimmers and metallics.

I like to dab the metallic or shimmers in the middle of my eyelid for a brightening effect. It really makes them “pop.”

Vivid Color palettes are the most fun of all makeup – in my view. And who knew they could be so flattering.


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