Dry Body-Brushing for Smoother Skin and Overall Invigoration

I get excited when I find a new beauty practice (at least new to me) that has substantial beauty benefits. Dry body-brushing is one of those which I started about six months ago and will be continuing indefinitely.DryBrush.pptxHere’s why: 1. It feels great on my skin 2. It is invigorating and “wakes-up” my whole body 3. Has resulted in my skin looking and feeling smoother, softer and more beautiful, 4. My overall health has been improved (I was the only person in my family this winter NOT to get sick) 5. It sloughs off the dull, dry dead top layer of skin, revealing a vibrant, dewy and fresh layer and 6. If done correctly, it creates excellent lymphatic drainage.

I have watched videos of how variety of people perform their dry brushing. I have developed my own style – which is different from most.

Using a very stiff natural bristle brush, I start at my feet, and work my way up each leg. But, when I start at each foot, I scrub hard in back and forth and circular motions, moving all the way up my leg. This just feels so darn good – like getting a good scratch – and is invigorating – waking up my skin.

Once I have finished the vigorous scrubbing motions on a leg, I change to fluid, straight-line motions, moving from the lower part of the leg, to an upper part. Doing this entrains the lymphatic fluid towards my heart and center of the torso – which is the natural direction of lymphatic fluid flow. 

I will do the same on my arms – beginning with the scrubbing motion, ending with fluid straight line motions from the outer parts towards the center of my body – again following the natural path of lymph fluid.

Lastly is my torso – neck, shoulders, waist, breasts, chest, ribcage and lower abdomen. Again, I scrub vigorously first, then move the brush in fluid motions from points farther away from the center of my body, or my heart, towards the center.

I do this as often as possible – at least three days a week – and then I jump in the shower or a bath. Once out of the shower/bath, I finish with a slathering of moisturizing lotion or cream all over my body.  Mmmmmm.


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