UPDATE:  It has been two days since I wrote this blog and six days since I had the derma-plane procedure done. I am not happy that I still have Derma-plane “streaks” on my face (see picture below). My all-over skin appearance is good, but I don’t think it is worth the embarrassment of looking like I have pink ski-trails and blotches on my cheeks.

Six Days After Derma-Plane Procedure:


I tried derma-planing a few days ago. This is a procedure where an aesthetician uses a medical grade scalpel and scrapes off the top layer of dead skin.

I tried it at the suggestion of the aesthetician who I visit regularly. It didn’t hurt – until she put the enzyme mask on afterwards. That was painful. Fortunately she gave me a fan to keep my face cool and far more comfortable. After the mask, she performed some other magic – like another hydrating mask so that my skin was plumped before I left.

She finished with a whisk of a Japanese mineral make-up that changes color to match yours. My skin was absolutely glowing when I left her office. Out in the world the rest of the day I received compliments on my skin and how good it looked.

But then I washed my face at night and saw the raw and pink streaks that I hadn’t seen before. That was unexpected and not a pleasant surprise. I texted the aesthetician who told me that it was expected and, in fact, the procedure will have more lasting effects due to the intensity of the procedure. Hmm.

I have been looking online to corroborate her story – yet have not been able to. I trust her, she has done great things for my skin in the past, so I am definitely open to the possibility my skin will be better off once it completely heals.

I will revisit this blog page in a day or two once the healing is complete to give my final verdict.

Two Days After Derma-plane Procedure:



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