Happy 57th To Me

I turned 57 a couple of days ago. I feel damn good, and feel like I look pretty good too. Like many women around my age I see on the internet, I am highly interested in keeping myself as young-looking as possible. I don’t stake my entire identity on looking young, but it is something I work toward. But not just being young-looking, but young-feeling.

So, I eat well, but I do not eat absolutely clean. There is an occasional sweet – or lots of them, but I temper those with fairly clean-healthy eating most of the time. I love to go for walks with my husband and my dogs. This gives us low-impact, cardio-vascular exercise to help keep slender and heart-healthy.

I love yoga. Particularly the meditative aspect of it. The combination of meditation with movement in yoga I find particularly powerful in keeping me centered and serene. Along with yoga, I do a series of whole-body stretches (my own routine) to keep all my limbs and joints limber and supple. I think this goes a very long way towards looking young.

Having fluid body motion with graceful-moving arms; being able to rotate my head far to the left or right without having to move my whole upper body with it, walking gracefully, go a very very long way towards having an overall youthful appearance.

I used to think that specific makeup tricks and skin care potions had the strongest impact on my overall looks. I was wrong. I now know that overall body carriage, movement, posture and demeanor, have the biggest impacts. Hands down.


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