Beautiful Body-Language

I carry myself as though I feel gorgeous. It’s something I trained myself to do over the years. This means, my head is held high, shoulders are back, neck is long, chest is out, and I mimic runway models when I walk.  I learned how to carry myself by studying people whom I consider beautiful. It is a fun practice of mine, but not an obsession.

It is known and clinically proven that acting “as if” goes a long way to making us feel the way we are pretending to feel. It stands to reason that if I want to appear more attractive, mentally “becoming” a person who knows she is gorgeous creates that reality. The resulting body language actually makes me feel prettier.  The prettier I feel, the better-looking I am perceived to be.

Don’t underestimate the power of “faking it until you make it.” It is very effective in achieving your goals.

Have you ever watched a runway model walk? It is an exaggerated swanky walk with each foot landing midline – one in front of the other. Do you think the models performing this strut during a fashion show actually feel fabulous that day and in those clothes? Probably not. First, they are probably hung over. Second, young women, who are judged almost solely on their looks, are very likely to be insecure about their looks.  Also, have you ever seen some of the ridiculous “high fashion” clothes these poor girls are forced to wear?

It is unlikely that they feel beautiful at all. But, they are faking that the runway walk is natural to them, and in so doing, create the illusion of beauty and glamour.

First impressions are always made in the first five seconds of meeting someone. The way we carry ourselves has enormous influence over how beautiful we appear in those first few seconds. More than any feature, moving elegantly creates a global initial perception of glamour and grace. I like to start there.





Sunday Slacking

I am all about discovering and sharing what works to keep me younger-looking. One thing I know for SURE: consistency is of the key. Applying and performing a great skin and hair care regime every single day without fail works. And I do that. First thing in the morning – before even making my bed – and last thing before bed, along with stretching, I clean, apply and layer substantial products on my skin.

Sundays are different. I have three kids clamoring for my attention and I have to drive them all over creation for baseball, horseback riding, play dates and the like. Usually I only have time for one thing – Sunscreen moisturizer. So at least I won’t be inviting further damage. I can’t wait for Monday !

Movie Star Hair Growth

hairI love the way my hair looks now! And I am 56 years old. Two and a half years ago I hated my thin, dull hair and thought the glorious hair of my youth was gone forever. But my new regime that I began two and a half years has changed that in a big way. Look how long it is!

Besides Minoxydil 5% solution twice a day, I use a hair/scalp tonic made of Rosemary, Peppermint, Horsetail Oils and Stinging Nettle Extract – once a day. I apply in the middle of the day. It feels wonderfully cooling on my scalp. I can almost feel  my hair growing more quickly.

The ingredients have anecdotal evidence of hair growing abilities – except one: Peppermint oil. There is scientific evidence that Peppermint oil does indeed help hair grow quicker and thicker. In research performed on mice, the mice who received a 3% solution of peppermint oil experienced very rapid hair growth as compared to the control groups.

Additionally, the dermis of the mice who received the peppermint oil solution was significantly thicker than those of their peppermint-less contemporaries. Twice the benefit.

Back to my regime of hair tonic use: I have been extremely happy with the results. My hair is far longer and thicker than it was two and a half years ago – before using this regime. Also, the hair is stronger and smoother than before. You know how Asian’s have that gloriously shiny thick hair? That is what it looks and feels more like.

I won’t be stopping this routine anytime soon.

Forget the Sugar or Salt Scrubs

I never liked using either of these scrub “exfoliators”.  Remember high school biology? It’s because I do remember that I don’t want to use these exfoliating scrubs.  Remember osmosis? Water in your skin cells moves from less concentration of salt or sugar through the porous membranes of skin cells, to the higher concentration outside – drawing available water from within the skin out and inserting salt or sugar molecules into your skin cells.

So, while they may exfoliate your top layer of dead skin cells, they dehydrate the healthy new skin cells through osmosis. The result is, a fresh layer of dehydrated skin cells. Not good.

These scrubs use oil – usually essential oils, which makes these scrubs feel moisturizing. But all they do is seal the dehydrated cells from further dehydration – or worse, they seal in the dehydrated cells and seal out any moisture from humidity in the air.

Also, beware of scrubs using plastic particles, they work ok on the skin, but are horrible for the environment. Think about those millions of dots of plastic getting into the gills of fish – sinking to the bottoms of the oceans and contaminating our drinking water.

If I am going to use a scrub, I use one with natural exfoliating material like ground apricot seeds, ground almonds, ground whole oats, or even ground coffee. The caffeine has the added benefit of de-puffing.

Truth-be-told, I use a washcloth and firm pressure to exfoliate my skin. It works for me and is less expensive.

Deciding You Are Sexy

I have decided that I am sexy. Whether I am at a slender weight or heavier than usual, straggly hair or coiffed, lipstick or no lipstick (although I almost always have my extra-long wearing lipstick on), or sneakers or pumps, I make the decision to feel sexy. I walk like I feel sexy. I carry myself like I think I am sexy. I am friendly and slightly flirty like I know I am sexy.

And guess what? People think I am sexy!! Even when I am not “trying”.

A lot of it is in my walk. I walk with one foot landing in front of the other and swing my hips. But I also keep my head up, always have a smile of my face (even if I feel like crap – why wear it?). When I talk with someone, I keep my arms hanging loosely at my sides, chest forward with good posture, not fidgeting with my fingers or rings, I laugh a lot. I find many things funny.

Does this sound like a lot of work? It’s really not. I have done this so long that it comes naturally. I have also found that moving my body as if I feel great about myself helps to make it so.

If you feel great – show it in every aspect of your life. If you feel lousy – show the world that you feel great about yourself anyway.

Deciding that you are sexy, beautiful and exciting, shines through in all you do. Work it!


Beautiful Gratitude

Friends and family say I am one of the happiest people they know. I have to agree. But it is not because of my life’s situation. I have moderate to severe challenges like everyone else. The difference, I believe, is that I live in a state of gratitude almost all the time.

Rather than ruminating on what is wrong or missing in my life, I think about what I have and what is good. I have a comfortable house. I appreciate and give thanks for that rather than lament that ours is one of the smallest houses in our neighborhood. We have clean, potable, running water. Most people in the world don’t. I have the use of both arms and legs – and they are very strong and coordinated (if I do say so myself). If I ever lost the use of them, I know all I would think about would be how much I wished I could have them back, and I would think that everything would be ok if I only had the use of them again. It is all perspective. I try to keep mine true.

I think being happy makes me more attractive to people. I know I feel attractive most of the time – because I am happy. I am very happy even when things go wrong, or when I am pressed for time, because no deadline, no missed event, no lost court case is all that important.

Beauty exudes more from one’s attitude than from any other cause, cosmetic or clothes.

I never lose sight of the joy, beauty, and love in my life. I think that makes me beautiful. I hope it helps make the world a little more beautiful as well.


As Below, So Above using “feminine” cream to treat wrinkles

I love secret beauty tricks that really work. Using estrogen on my face is one of them.  I use a cream called Estrace. It is only available by prescription. I have it because, as a post-menopausal woman, my private area is less “youthful”  (If this is TMI – skip ahead to the next paragraph) It is dryer, takes longer to become aroused, and the interior walls are thinning. So my Gynochologist prescribed Estrace to apply on and in, to help plump and moisten things up, down there.

Where else can I use plumping and moistening? Oh yeah, my face! I had already read about the potential cosmetic benefits of using an estrogen cream on my face. I had to do some research (using reputable sources, not just a “google” search source) and found that there is indeed evidence that applying an estrogen cream about three days a week does help diminish fine lines and thicken skin. It works – I use it.

I would be terribly remiss though, if I did not mention that there is evidence that estrogen can increase chances of some cancers. Further, I don’t truly know what detrimental effects using estrogen topically in such a way may have. So this is somewhat risky. If you have any questions, contact your doctor or dermatologist.

Thus far, I have been happy with the effects of using the cream above and below.