About Nikki/Contact

I am a cosmetic chemist, makeup artist, and author, former: national champion bodybuilder and fitness pageant contestant. Beauty and body sculpting are my expertise, and my goal here is to share this information with my online friends to impart valuable insights that will help you look and feel more beautiful. Because you are beautiful.

I emphasized “former” above, because I am obviously not a current fitness pageant contestant nor bodybuilder at this stage in my life. At 54, I feel fabulous and healthy – truly wonderful for my age – but I am not a spring chicken anymore. I freely admit that. I am more like a late summer chicken.

I see many fabulous young (by comparison to me) vloggers who also give beauty tips and application videos. Beautiful women like, Desi Perkins, Marzia, and Kandee Johnson who make amazing videos and share a wealth of information and inspiration. I am not in competition with them.

My thrust is on the physiology and psychology which makes a woman beautiful. The application of scientifically proven skin and hair care that repairs and enhances skin, hair, and scalp, as well as anti-aging agents, products, ingredients and daily practices. My goal is to share with you my vast arsenal of anti-aging, beauty-enhancing skin, hair care, make up and body-enhancing secrets.