I use eye make-up to enhance the size and shape of my eyes. Large, wide eyes are universally considered beautiful. By applying a natural brown or black liner/pencil on the outside halves of my eyelash lines (See B – I have drawn these figures with only one side “made up” to show the difference between the made up and non-made up side) and drawing the lines out and up I give the illusion of larger and wider eyes.  This works like magic. I do not have naturally large or wide-set eyes, but for the past several decades, I have fooled everyone. It’s make-up.

I used to use layers of black mascara after applying the eye pencil.  Fanning thick eyelashes really open the eyes (see C). But now I indulge in having eyelash extensions attached every three weeks. I absolutely love the look and get tons of compliments on my eyes. If you have the time and money, I recommend getting eyelash extensions. They are a huge beauty bang-for-the-buck.

To add an additional sparkle and clarity to eyes for special occasions, use Visine or a similar product, in your eyes. This gets rid of redness and make eyes “pop.”


Effects of Sugar on Beauty

Image result for sugarI didn’t realize how negative of an effect sugar had on my looks until I gave it up (mostly), after Easter. I didn’t think I looked “bad,” but after a week of eating much more healthful foods – and not eating sugary things, I look a whole lot better. My skin is smoother and my eyes brighter and less puffy.

It is no secret that sugar is flat-out bad for us. It’s negative effects are legion. Now I can add that it diminishes our looks too. I did some research on the effects of sugar specifically on looks, and found that it does indeed break down the collagen in our skin which adds to sagging. It is dehydrating, which causes more sagging and wrinkling, and at the same time causes water retention, thus, my puffy eyes.

So here is one more reason to cut out sugar from our diets – or at least significantly lower consumption of it.

Why Do We Really Wear Makeup?

Why do women wear makeup? We don’t want to look made-up, just better. Our goal is to correct and enhance the looks we were born with. Being a good artist is a huge benefit. A highly skilled makeup artist can accomplish remarkable improvements on everybody. Homely women become attractive; plain women become pretty, and pretty women become gorgeous.

Sure, genetics plays a part in how we look. But we can artistically and strategically draw, shade, enhance and color our faces to become much more beautiful. The key is to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

We employ makeup to help our skin look as smooth and even as possible, our eyes to look larger and wider apart, our eyebrows to be arched and symmetrical, our noses to look small and pert, and our lips to be medium to full. The height of the middle of the top lip should be the same, or slightly smaller, than the height of the middle of the lower lip. We want our jawlines and chins to be strong and chiseled. We want to minimize the look of jowls and a “double” chin.

We also use colors that are flattering and enhance our features. General we use color on our lips, eyes and cheeks. Around our eyes, we use colors that enhance the color of our eyes. On our lips, we use colors that will enhance and brighten our complexion as well as our teeth. On our cheeks, we use blush to give us the healthy look of rosy cheeks in a color that is most flattering to our complexion.

Combining all these skills to make each feature on your face the best it can be is how we improve our entire look, dramatically. My next entry is going to describe how to enhance your eyes to make them look bigger and wider apart.


The Eyelashes Have It.

I love eyelash extensions. I am talking about the individually applied ones that you get at professional high end salons. I have been getting them for the past two years, and I feel really pretty and feminine. They have had such a great impact on my appearance – my eyes really look bigger and brighter. It takes a time commitment (about 1 ½ hour) once every three weeks, but I enjoy the nap while they are being applied and the finished look is worth it.

The cost is moderate. Eyelash extensions gives a huge bang for the buck as far as making a striking difference for less than one hundred dollars.

Jane at Posh Nail in Westport Connecticut – near Whole Foods – is fantastic and lovely. I have been going to her for my eyelashes since I started.  Definitely worth a try for a dramatic change. Go for it!

Ingredients for Healthiest Hair

What is in the conditioner you use on your hair? Do you choose your conditioner by how it makes your hair feel, or do you look for ingredients which will help improve your hair’s health, texture, structure, moisture and shine? Both are important.

I study ingredients that improve hair strength, texture, moisture retention and elasticity and are proven to be non-toxic.

Here is my short list of favorite ingredients. Most of these are included in my own conditioning hair cleanser.

1. BTMS which is a combination of Behentrimonium Methosulfate (which is not a detergent or sulfate, despite its name) and Cetearyl Alcohol. BTMS is a conditioning compound that has myriad positive effects for your hair. It has a positive charge which helps it to stick to our negatively charged hair adding substance to fine hair. It mimics hair’s natural lipids in the hair cuticle (outside) which helps to lock moisture as well as strengthen the hair by “gluing” the cuticle scales together and flat – which also imparts substantial shine. BTMS helps to give hair a slippery feel, making it easier to comb for many users.

2 Panthenol. This vitamin B 5 derivative acts as a humectant – binding water molecules from the atmosphere to the hair adding moisture. Panthenol itself creates a smooth film on top of hair, giving it extra sheen and slip.

3. Avocado Oil has high penetration of hair shaft making hair stronger and lubricated. It protects hair from environmental pollutants and stimulates growth. It is also high in antioxidants to keep scalp healthy.

4. Raw Honey – a great humectant and light cleanser. Raw honey is packed with nutrients to benefit your hair and scalp.

5. Hydrolyzed Protein. Protein molecules are too large to benefit our hair when applied topically – like in a conditioner. Protein needs to be hydrolyzed, which means broken down in a chemical reaction with water molecules. The result are smaller protein molecules that can be absorbed by the hair. Different hydrolyzed protein have different properties, so it may help to experiment with products which have individual proteins to determine what works best for your hair. Hydrolyzed proteins that have been proven beneficial to hair are the following:

Hydrolyzed wheat protein increases hair’s ability to retain moisture, adds volume, and reduces porosity and increases smoothness.
Hydrolyzed silk protein Because silk is among the strongest natural fibers known, it significantly improves hairs elasticity, resiliency and increases shine because it forms a crystalline protective barrier on hair.
Hydrolyzed soy protein increases hair’s ability to hold moisture while adding shine and smoothness. This protein can strengthen and mend the hair fibers.
Hydrolyzed keratin protein revitalizes hair’s natural protective layer while rebuilding strength and increasing elasticity. Damages from harsh chemicals can be significantly reduced. Hair is made from keratin protein, so many believe that this protein may be superior to others.

Look at the ingredients list on your conditioner and cleanser bottles. The ingredients listed first are those which the product has highest concentration. Look for these ingredients in the first quarter of the ingredients list.

The Glow

Rimmel Stay Glossy 6 Hour Lipgloss, Always Lovely, 0.18 Fluid Ounce

For an extra glow, I have been putting pink shimmery lip gloss on my cheekbones and apples of my cheeks. It looks amazing. I got the idea from Marilyn Monroe who used to put Vaseline on her cheeks to give her a glowing and dewy look. It worked. She had an wondrous ethereal glow.

I dabbed pink shimmery lip gloss – Rimmel Always Lovely #140 – on the highest part of my cheekbones and dabbed it down towards the apples. It is subtle but very flattering. I love the compliments I get now. I wear it just about every day. Amazingly it stays on for a long time. Give it a try.

Silicone Makeup Blenders

Just as I was getting used to the spongy uniquely shaped Beauty Blenders, I havSilicone Makeup Blendere found something infinitely better – Silicone beauty blenders (or makeup sponge). They blend foundation and skin care products onto my face incredibly smoothly! Since the silicone is non-absorbent, none of my foundation makeup or skin care creams and serums are wasted. That is a very good thing because high quality makeup and skin care products are expensive!

Plus, the quality of the application is so much better using the silicone blender. Foundation goes on evenly with no streaking and because the creams and serums go on evenly, the effects of the active ingredients are also smooth and even achieving better anti-aging and skin-nourishing results.

For the best foundation finish, I stipple or gently press the makeup onto my skin. This makes for a smooth, clean and flawless finish.

I highly recommend passing by the old makeup sponges and beauty blenders and go for the Silicone Makeup Blenders. Here is where I get mine:


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